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BMS Merchandise

Tee Shirts from Blue Moon Soup are always high quality apparel and we try to make sure we have some on hand at our shows. Visit us at the Merch table for BMS Gear. If there are items you would like to see us include in inventory, please let us know. We are always open to new ideas and the best ideas come from our fans.

Booking BMS

We try to play as many shows as possible each year. We are expanding our tour radius and seeking new markets to perform. If you know of a friendly place in your town, please send us a note and let us know. It always helps to have our fans call venues and request that we play at your favorite club or festival.

Contact us to let us know about your favorite club or festival.

  • Blue Moon Soup

    About BMS

    Great Music - Lot's of Fun!

    Blue Moon Soup continues to impress audiences of all ages and takes great pride in creating the party. They have a solid collection of music in their catalog and perform a diverse set of covers to create a solid recipe for fun.

    Festivals and Venues!

    We have played at a number of festivals and venues across the country and continue to be invited to perform at some of the best festivals around.

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  • Jon

    Jon Baumann

    Jon Baumann - Bass, Vocals

    Jon bio Born in Wisconsin, ‘Jon-boy’ took naturally to the stage, becoming a star in the viral video sensation ‘Summers’ at the tender age of 12. A talented pianist in addition to a superb bass player, Jon cites Sir Elton John and Ayn Rand as his personal and professional heroes.

  • Robbie

    Robbie Marion

    Robbie Marion - Violin, Vocals

    Born in Cambridgeshire, England, violinist Robbie Marion brings a taste of the homeland to the table. Educated in the classical, Irish, and bluegrass styles, he has created a truly unique sound that encompasses his many musical backgrounds. Robbie has been a part of numerous musical projects including a chamber orchestra and an pre-BMS folk rock band with bassist Jonathan Baumann. Influences include Jethro Tull, the Grateful Dead, Andy Irvine, J.R.R Tolkien, composer Archangelo Corelli, and poet Robert Burns among many others as equally diverse.

  • Justin


    Justin Moon - Guitar, Vocals

    Born in Dayton, Ohio, into a family with four brothers, guitarist Justin Moon joined the Blue Moon Soup family after moving from Austin, Texas, to Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 2011. Justin is a successful musician and audio/electrical engineer and has enjoyed a dualistic role in music since he was very young.  Since 2004,  he has been both performer and audio engineer at many events and festivals across the Midwest. As a performer he has played at many festivals as a solo artist and has shared the stage with notable artists such as, Keller Williams, one of Justin's favorite solo artists...

  • Brendan

    Brendan Moore

    Brendan Moore - Mandolin, Vocals

    Brendan Moore was born in Yellow Springs, OH to a talented musical family. His mother was a singer-songwriter, and his father a Dixieland jazz musician. Brendan and his two older brothers were quick to tap in to their musical genes and have played together and apart in many different musical endeavors throughout the years. Here’s to many more!

BMS News!

Winter 2014 News Brief

Winter 2014 News Brief We have decided to take a brief hiatus through the month of March. The Blue Moon Soup family will have a new addition when Justin Moon and his wife Lisa will give birth to their newborn in a couple weeks. Please come out and see us before the new baby arrives!   We are very excited to be at Gilly's on Friday, Feb 28th. This is a great venue in Dayton and has a long legacy of talent. We will be joined by Fletcher’s Grove and Subterranean House Band. Tickets for the show are $8 pre-sale and $10 on the day of show. Please order them online as space is limited.  BMS @ Gilly's

Blue Moon Soup: A Band History

Over the past four years the acoustic folk quartet Blue Moon Soup has been on course for success. "Their sound has developed and matured into something that really represents their collective musical voice" and they simply know how to have a good time and give off a nice vibe; something that is not always easy to do. Blue Moon Soup 2010 The band was founded in 2010 on St. Patrick's Day and played their first show as a group calling themselves "Moon Soup" at a local coffee shop in Yellow Springs, OH. Moon Soup first consisted of life-long friends Robbie Marion, Ben Clonch, Brendan Moore and a drummer. Soon, the Yellow Springs band began booking gigs at a local venue, One-Eyed Jacks, known for Jam Band favorites and making connections in Ohio Jam Band music circuit. One-Eyed Jacks is a consistent musical hot spot in the Miami Valley (Ohio) and Moon Soup played there all the time developing their stage presence and local fan base. Other important gigs that the band landed included High Point Music Fest and they have been a staple-favorite at The Werk Out Music and Arts Festival each September; building their regional following. They have attracted many of their fans by performing late-night sets at festivals--playing gorilla style and noted for playing on the tops of various buses late into the mornings.   Moon Soup shuffled through various guitarists, drummers and keyboardists before settling on the current lineup of instruments and eventually they added "Blue" to the name of the band to round out the moniker. The name originated from the song “Moon Soup,” written by the bands friend Josh Enos, on the project, Ortega Fuerte. "Someone decided to throw 'Blue' in front, and so it remains today" said Robbie Marion. Blue Moon Soup is Jon Baumann (Standup Bass, Vocals), Robbie Marion (Fiddle, Vocals), Brendan Moore (Mandolin, Vocals) and Justin Moon (Guitar, Vocals). Justin Moon is the latest addition to the band and his last name is purely coincidental but perfectly fitting. With Moon, their music has evolved to a more "traditional, string-based bluegrass and Celtic-leaning folk sound that they then filter through a psychedelic jam band’s lens," according to reports. The band prefers to let the music be whatever the listener desires it to be and it is different for different people. One thing is for sure, people love the music and the band and how hard they work in their trade to make good music.Blue Moon Soup 2010   The first album from Blue Moon Soup landed in late 2011 and featured eight original titles and it introduced the world to an immature sound. The newest album, their self-titled second album is more refined with an array of instruments to bring an orchestral feel to the music. Other benchmarks for the band include opening for Yonder Mountain String Band, Arrested Development, Great American Taxi, The Ragbirds, The Werks and many more.   The band also has a small organization of people helping behind the scenes. Luke Brennan has been a large part of the bands visual evolution and supports the project from duties ranging from designs to promotions to manager. The band has surrounded themselves with a solid group of business and art oriented individuals who have all given a lot of themselves towards the success of the project.   One thing that has remained important to the band is their ability to interface with the audience. They are consistently receiving offers to perform the main late-night slots at area festivals and this allows them the ability to socialize with fans during the day and really get to know the people who love to see them play their music at night. This has been an important part of their ability to attract and keep listeners interested in the bands endeavors and building the bands network of fans that span the whole country.   Blue Moon Soup 2010The bands vision is to continue to develop an interest in their music but to also fashion an interest in the art that they produce as a community of artists. It is their goal to increase their music catalog by one album a year over the next three years and they envision a future where music-lovers of all types will take an interest in Blue Moon Soup and their live performance at major venues and festivals.  
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